Guidelines on Choosing a Summer Day Camp for Your Child

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A summer day camp, like no other activity, has a significant impact on a child’s life. It’s important that parents learn how to make informed decisions when choosing a summer camp. There are quite a lot of issues to consider prior to locating a perfect camp for your children. Summer camps in Brooklyn offer children opportunities to learn, develop physically and make new friends. Only careful planning may ensure that your child’s experience in a summer camp will be memorable and enjoyable.


1. Get your child involved, if he/she is of appropriate age, in choosing a summer camp.

2. Try to determine the needs of your child adequately. Mind that all children are different and thus they all have different needs to consider. Hence the summer camp you choose has to be not only age appropriate, but also meet the emotional, mental and physical needs of your child.

3. Think of the list of activities and goals your child and you want to gain from a summer camp. There is a wide range of camps available in New York city, such as adventure camps, academic camps, athletic camps, fantasy camps and religious camps, etc.

4. Inquire about the cost of the camp. Take into consideration that many camps offer ways to help parents with paying the cost of the camp. Most camps have fund-raising activities throughout the year and other options to assist in offsetting the cost.

5. Understand the philosophy of the camp. Does it offer a wide array of programs or emphasize one activity? Consider what is the purpose of the camp from the organization perspective.

6. Verify who sponsors the camp. Summer camps in New York are run by various organizations. The camps run by agencies or by municipalities tend to be lower-cost. Private summer camps, on the other hand, tend to fill-up early and are generally more expensive, but offer much more exuberant activities and richer emotional experience.

7. Decide if your child is ready for a tedious sleep-away experience. There are both summer overnight (residential) camps and summer day camps New York residents can choose from. Some camps may take just a couple of days, while others last for several weeks or even all summer long for older children.

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