The health and safety of our campers is a matter of great importance to all of us at the Alpha Summer Camp. All of our staff are certified in first aid and are highly knowledgeable about camp policies and procedures. There are nurses and a fully qualified medical doctor standing by in case of an emergency at the summer day camp. We assure you that safety precautions are always in effect when the Alpha Summer Camp is in session and that all of our young campers are in excellent hands.

The safety of your children is our highest priority. The activity areas and buildings at our teens summer camp have been constructed and adapted with the safety of our campers as the main concern. Our meticulously maintained activity equipment is the finest available for our purposes. Our counselors are extremely skilled in the activities that they teach and have developed an awareness of the necessity of a “safety first” attitude. Our infirmary is equipped to serve the campers’ daily needs. In case of emergency, there is a hospital not far from the Alpha Summer Camp.

It should be noted that our approach to the safety of our campers goes above and beyond standard medical requirements. Unlike many other NY summer camps, we try to develop campers’ positive self esteem, to assist in building friendships and having fun. All their physical needs are also amply met, including good hygiene, lots of exercise, and plenty of rest. All areas of our program include strict but sensible safety rules. The extensive training that our staff receives guarantees that the campers’ activities are conducted safely.

At Alpha Summer Camp we strongly believe that it is equally important to take care of the emotional wellbeing of our campers. We are skilled in helping to foster the caring and supportive environment required for every child to experience the best of what our youth summer camp has to offer.

You can be sure that Alpha Summer Camp is dedicated to the health and safety of your camper.