Alpha Summer Camp

is a land of childhood sheltered from indifference, coldness, national clashes and political turmoil. Here Love, Understanding, and Care rule. At Alpha summer day camp all your dreams come true. It’s the land of fairy tales with no monsters and mean wizards. The most important thing about Alpha are kind hearts of people who will help your children not only rest and replenish energy, but make magical discoveries, live their days brightly and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Our NY summer camp has several convenient locations under two names – Bambi Summer Program and Alpha Summer Camp (Brooklyn is the location for both). These day camps work under the same motto — creating summer magical land for the kids, ensuring that they have the time of their lives.

We have been successfully operating as a youth summer camp since 1990. We offer air-conditioned buildings constructed especially for children. Children enjoy spacious classrooms, gyms, game rooms, playgrounds, pool, roomy cafeteria, computer classes and video library.

For our NY summer day camps we employ only highly qualified and experienced teachers and teacher assistants who are constantly supervising children ensuring that they are having a wonderful time.

Alpha offers exciting summer camp programs that include trips, sports classes in a variety of sports, developmental games, contests, discos, sporting competitions, art and music classes, daily swimming — a cool suntan and excellent disposition guaranteed!

At our summer camp, New York children are offered three meals a day, as well as transportation from Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Alpha gives children an opportunity to feel talented, strong and happy. It is a place for making friends for life and a place for getting to know other cultures through communication and mutual respect.