Summer Camp in Brooklyn is Where Children Learn and Grow

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When school is in session, school teachers provide an environment for enriching the minds of our children through learning and other school activities. However, the onset of summer is a time when boundless energy is set free and the responsibility of making sure kids are occupied with constructive things to do and fun events to share with others shifts to the parents.


Summer camp in Brooklyn can give children shared learning experiences in a controlled environment filled with fun. Children are playful by nature and seem to have an insatiable appetite to learn and experience new things. Summer camp in Brooklyn offers kids an opportunity to have the time of their lives. When mercury in the thermometer rises and the heat becomes a challenge on the campgrounds, children can migrate to air-conditioned buildings constructed especially for their supervised safety and play.

Alpha Summer Camp also provides an assortment of amenities for the kids like gyms, fun-filled game rooms, playgrounds, pool, a roomy cafeteria with lots of goodies, computer classes and a video library. Our goal is to make sure our kids are occupied from sunup to sundown.

Attending Summer camp in Brooklyn offers kids a chance to learn something about themselves, their parents and even their environment. Being around others is a great opportunity to broaden social awareness and a way to develop the social skills that can benefit them for the rest of their life. Perhaps the greatest benefit of attending summer Camp in Brooklyn is that time spent in the outdoors can broaden a child’s awareness of the bond between humans and nature—something the everyday hustle and bustle of a demanding life can fall short of giving.

Today’s world is fast-paced, and the opportunities to learn important lessons like giving service to others, sharing and trust are hard to come by. Summer camp in Brooklyn helps kids to learn these things. And interacting with others helps kids develop confidence, leadership and respect for those placed in authority.

Summer camp in Brooklyn is a place where kid’s appetites flare up during morning, noon and night. You don’t have to worry though because we’ve got it covered. Children can feast on three well-prepared meals a day. We also provide transportation from Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

If you’re looking for a place where children can experience love, caring, understanding and fun-filled days, summer camp in Brooklyn is just about as good as it gets. Make the decision for your children to attend. They’ll have a brighter school year because of it.

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